75th Anniversary Freehand Zero

90th Anniversary Big Fun

90th Anniversary Freehand NextGen



CJ Atkinson Custom Modded Freehand 2

Calico Joe Fingerprint Freehand Zero

Cold Fusion

DragonFly Limited Edition (Orange)

DragonFly Limited Edition (Purple)

Dragonfly GE Plastics

Flying Squirrel Limited Edition


Glow Imperial (Orange 8 Ray Distant Star Design)

Glow Imperial (Rare Gold Sunrise Design)

Glow Imperial (Sunrise Design)

Glow Special

GlowDoug Custom Modded Freehand Zero

Gyroscope.ru Freehand Zero

Higby Custom 75th Anniversary Freehand Zero

Higby/3Yo3 Custom ProFly

Hornet 2015 Tokyo World YoYo Contest Edition

Luke Vader Custom Modded Freehand Zero

Luke Vader Custom Modded Freehand Zero

Pro Z Yo-Yo Player Edition

ProYo Pro Z ProGlow

Professional Coca Cola


Project Team Top #1 Freehand Zero

Takeshi Deluxe Modded Dragonfly(Purple)

Takeshi Modded Dragonfly(Aqua)

Takeshi Modded Dragonfly(Purple)

The Immune ProYo

Tommy Treadway Glow Imperial


YoYoNation Freehand Zero

YoYoSam Freehand Zero


Higby/3Yo3 Custom ProFly

nameHigby/3Yo3 Custom ProFly
descriptionLandon Balk of 3Yo3 explained it best..."The one & only John Higby & I have teamed up- We'll have a limited 20 Clear Duncan proflies that I've converted to "A" bearing, with Duncan guts, done silicone recess, and high walled, using Acrylic press-fitted to take up the hole where the wooden spool went. On top of this, FH2 style O-ring weights are going to be installed, so it will actually be of a playable weight =)." Approximately 25 of these special edition yoyos were made with 20 going up for grabs. This is the only glow in the dark model of the bunch.
diameter56.9 mm. ( 2.24 inches)
width34.9 mm. ( 1.37 inches)
weight 57.4 grams
item number51

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