Pico Creator

Bubble Light



Bubble Light

manufacturerPico Creator
nameBubble Light
descriptionThe Bubble Light and Fascinate are made by Pico Creator out of Singapore using a soft feeling POM (Polyoxymethylene) thermoplastic. Thank you to Chan Man Fai for placing these two yoyos into my Glow YoYo collection. Thank you also to Jayson Lim of yoyoacquaintance.blogspot.com for bringing the yoyos to my attention and for making the introduction between myself and Chan Man Fai. Finally, thank you to Taka Hasegawa from SpinGear.jp for picking the yoyos up from Chan Man Fai in Singapore and taking them back to Japan and then shipping them on to me! Teamwork!
diameter57.0 mm. ( 2.24 inches)
width44.8 mm. ( 1.76 inches)
weight 59.4 grams
item number192

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